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Messages On Iphone 12 Pro Max Not Working

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Messages on iphone 12 pro max not working

The Apple iPhone and AT&T, is exclusivity a good thing? The answer to the question depends on what side of the market you fall. If you are a consumer, exclusive agreements are rarely a good thing. On the other hand, if you are a retailer or provider of services, exclusive contracts can help increase profitability and market share. Here is a discussion of both sides of this coin.

Apple entered into an agreement with AT&T so that AT&T is the official and exclusive provider of cell phone service for Apple's highly coveted iPhone. If you happen to be Apple or AT&T this is a great thing. Apple makes money off of the sale of every iPhone and it collects royalties from AT&T for every cell phone contract sold to an iPhone user. Not a bad deal for Apple. AT&T profits because in theory every Apple iPhone sold will have to activate an AT&T cell phone agreement. Nice piece of the cell phone service pie for AT&T. As far as these two companies go, there is a lot of money to be made from this agreement. Furthermore, it saves Apple the hassle of having to make different phones or different SIM cards for all of the major cell phone service providers. From the perspective of Apple and AT&T this is a great arrangement. However, this agreement of the Apple iPhone and AT&T has opened up the door to a massive hacking movement. I am not sure that this is such a bad thing for Apple, although they claim different. Owning and using an unlocked phone is a status symbol in itself. A way of "sticking it" to corporate America. Apple may just be selling more phones because of this. It is free and effective advertising resulting in sales for Apple. I'm sure AT&T does not appreciate the hacking, as they have nothing to gain from it. This is the corporate end of the Apple iPhone and AT&T equation.

What does the exclusive agreement with the Apple iPhone and AT&T mean to the consumer? It means that there is a limited way of acquiring this phone. If you already have a relationship with a cell phone service provider other than AT&T and do not wish to change, then owning an iPhone is going to be difficult. What if you love the iPhone's music and content features but do not want to use it as a cell phone. The Apple iPod does not offer internet access. One of the main selling points of the iPhone is internet abilities and music functionality. If you love MP3's, videos, TV shows, and movies then the iPhone is a dream come true. However as soon as you go to open up your iTunes account and plug your phone into your computer you will be asked to sign up for AT&T's cell phone service with your credit card. If you do not pass their credit check or if you do not want to use AT&T this limits you and actually excludes you from using the iPhone. In this scenario the Apple iPhone and AT&T agreement is bad for consumers because it limits free and open competition in the marketplace. AT&T has no incentive to offer any deals on cell phone service to iPhone customers.

However, no one likes to be excluded not even once. Stating you have an exclusive agreement is an open invitation to every hacker on earth to prove your agreement is not exclusive and they will find a work around. This is exactly what has happened and in this case the consumer may have a partial victory. There are free unlocks available for your iPhone on YouTube for versions of their firmware up to 1.1.3. There are software programs available for under $100 that will unlock your iPhone in seconds, with just a few clicks. An unlocked phone will work with T-Mobile and AT&T in the US or on any other standard GSM cell phone network. All you will need ids the correct SIM card. In addition, with the unlocks available, you do not have to use the cell phone service at all. You will still be able to download content to your phone either via your computer or via WiFi. Furthermore, you can get Skype VOIP service for your iPhone and get around the whole cell phone issue entirely. This is how the Apple iPhone and AT&T agreement has ended up. It looks like in the long run AT&T could be the loser.

Messages on iphone 12 pro max not working. A new report says that iPhone 12 users may be experiencing issues when it comes to displaying and receiving SMS messages particularly from Android users. I just noticed this after upgrading to an iPhone 12 Pro from iPhone XS. First make sure that the iCloud backup indeed includes in messages you need.

After 1 hours on hold last night a tech worked on it and almost got regular VM working. If youve been struggling with the missing Text SMS messages error after upgrading iPhone 12 12 Pro try a force restart. A number of iPhone 12 owners are reporting not getting messages sent from Android smartphones while other users report not seeing messages in a group chat.

IPhone 6s6s Plus iPhone 77 Plus iPhone 88 Plus iPhone XXRXS Max iPhone 1111 Pro Max iPhone SE 2020 iPhone 1212 Pro Max12 mini iPhone 1313 Pro Max13 mini. In the Messages app you can send text messages as SMSMMS messages through your cellular service or with iMessage over Wi-Fi or cellular service to people who use iPhone iPad iPod touch or a Mac. Check Backup Settings and Restore Again.

Set up Messages on iPhone. Texts you send and receive using iMessage dont count against your SMSMMS allowances in your cellular messaging plan but cellular data. I tried all troubleshoots possible even reset and than transfer data over again.

I just switched from a older iPhone where it worked fine. If you recently upgraded phones make sure you sign out before you reset old phone. On my 2018 IPad Pro 129 WIFI I am not able to send or receive messages to people with Android phones.

This is currently under investigation. This misconfiguration is often the reason for this issue. Just letting everyone know I had this issue where iMessage and FaceTime wasnt working at all.

In order to check if your iOS is updated go to your Settings then click General then Software Update If your iPhone or iPad is up to date you will see a message that says this. There are several reasons for this. If Messenger is not working on your iPhone you may be using an outdated version of the app.

In SettingsMessages there does not seem to be anywhere to accept SMS messages. Apple does not appear to be aware of this issue based on support session with them before calling Verizon. I have even factory reset one of the devices.

It is unclear how widespread the issue is or what might be causing it. I have tried turning off Messages Wifi ICloud and shutting down the IPad but nothing seems to work. Reset Your Network Settings.

Ive tried resetting all settings and deleting all text messages. IMessages many time dont work specially when selecting a picture and sending it. Otherwise you can take this time to update your software.

Nothing that I do. I have changed the iPhone 12 pro Max 2 times and still have many issues. The new phone didnt have voicemail that worked at all.

But I just upgraded to an iPhone 12 coming from an iPhone 11 Max Pro and I. If you see a green message bubble instead of a blue one then that message was sent using MMSSMS instead of iMessage. Open the App Store and tap on Account Icon located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

At this point the best thing you can do is speak to your carrier to ensure that there isnt a fault or issue that needs to be resolved with further technical support. I am not getting visual voicemail on iPhone 12 Pro Max. IMessage notifications do not appear to be working for some contacts while working for fine for others.

Many time it will select the picture but when you go to send in the iMessage the picture is no longer there so you have to go back and select again. Complaints range from being unable to send or receive SMS to missing messages. There is a known alert for customers with iPhone 12 iPhone 12 Mini iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max that may be unable to consistently send SMSMMS to users with non-iOS devices.

Your iMessage may not be working because you havent updated your iOS. Callers told me they were hung up on after a couple of rings. I deleted every single text message on my phone and rebooted turned iMessage off and back on.

If your voicemail settings still arent working on iPhone 12 Pro Max it could indicate an issue with the service provided by your network carrier. A major reason why your iPhone 12 will not receive notifications is that the notifications are actually disabled on your phone. Then scroll down to the Updates section.

IMessage is turned off on your device or on your recipients device. Running iOS 141 on Verizon. Do not disturb mode is not set on the contact or device level.

Certain software glitches can cause your iPhone 12 not to receive any notifications. Spotted by MacRumors large numbers of users are reporting that SMS messaging on the new iPhone 12 models is broken. The person that you sent the message to doesnt have an Apple device.

IMessage not working on iPhone 12 pro max. If you find iPhone delete text messages or the message conversations disappear from inbox skip to 3rd-party SMS Recovery Software to execute a restoration. Specifically iPhone 12 users are having issues with texts in both group chats and standalone conversation.

Both my wife and I have the iPhone 12 Pro Max with iOS 1421 on the Att network. In one November 12 response a user claimed they were using the iPhone 12 on ATT running iOS 142 and was failing to receive text messages even after spending two weeks on the problem with Apple.

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