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How To Open Sim Card Slot On Iphone 6s Without Tool

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How to open sim card slot on iphone 6s without tool

Here is the good news. It is easy to replace the SIM cards for you iPhone. You have to decide what purpose you want these SIM cards to perform. Some offer enhanced features to your iPhone. Many of these will work only with AT&T and cannot be unlocked. Others will actually unlock the iPhone and allow you to use it on any network, not just GSM networks like AT&T and T-Mobile.

Here is the biggest problem with unlocked phones, you cannot just get them to work on any network. The cell phone provider needs the phone information from the inside of the phone in order to set up service. Therefore, in order to use an unlocked iPhone on another network other than AT&T you will have to get a SIM from a different phone and replace the SIM in your iPhone with that SIM. It is not as easy as it first sounds. You first have to activate the first phone on whatever network and then switch that SIM into an unlocked iPhone. So far so good right? But how do you change the SIM? That is easy. Look near the headphone jack. There is a little hole. Take a paper clip, unbend it, then poke into the hole. The SIM holder, located under the home button, will open up and allow you to remove the SIM. Another problem with changing the SIM of an unlocked iPhone is they may not be the same size. So you may need to get a plastic tray that helps the SIM fit into the iPhone's SIM tray better.

You can also get SIM cards for your iPhone that do not need to be unlocked. Some of these offer better performance and additional features. These do not have the same issues as the unlocked, but size still can be a problem. Many will come with a plastic try that works as an adapter. For these SIM cards, all you need to do is to swap out the SIM card, your phone should remain activated. If you have trouble, contact the vendor of the SIM first, then contact Apple.

Where do you buy SIM cards for your iPhone? The place with the biggest selection is eBay. As per usual, when shopping on eBay make sure you are dealing with a reputable seller. Check the seller's ratings and feedback. Also check their PayPal ratings. Never pay by check, cash, money order, or wire transfer. Always use PayPal or your credit card. On eBay there are literally hundreds of different SIM cards to chose from. Many have very vague descriptions. In addition, many of the newer SIM for 1.1.1 and higher will require a rather extensive unlock procedure. If you see terms like iphoneSIMfree, Jailbreak, or AppTapp then you know you are dealing with a SIM that will require an unlocked iPhone in order to use it.

Overall, changing and locating SIM cards for your iPhone is not a difficult task. The problem lies with the SIM cards that can only be used in an unlocked iPhone. If you are planning on unlocking the 1.1.1 and higher firmware be prepared for a long drawn out process or be prepared to pay iphoneSIMfree for their version of an unlock. Then you have the issue of finding a way to use the unlocked iPhone on another network. The iPhone supposedly only works on a GSM network, which translates to AT&T or T-Mobile in the US. Exactly how these other SIM get the iPhone to work on a non-GSM network is something I have been unable to figure out. All in all be careful when purchasing SIM cards for your iPhone. Know what you are buying.

How to open sim card slot on iphone 6s without tool. But firstly disconnect and reconnect your iPhone. If you have some issues during the activation procedure we recommend you to read this article to resolve your activation problems. The SIM extraction tool should be in the box that your iPhone came in.

Select My iPhone under the devices menu. They mostly have the right size to fit into the hole and the probability that I have one with me all the time is high. Use iTunes to Bypass iPhone Activation Without SIM Card.

Full tutorial on how to insert and remove the sim card from the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. How to Remove a SIM Card from the iPhone 6 without a Tool. Staples are the thinnest alternate tool on this list so they have the best chance of working on any phone no matter the size of the SIM card trays ejection aperture.

Depending on what model iPhone you bought there might be SIM tray tool included. It makes calling and receiving data possible since the provider communicates over the SIM processors inside the phone. Next best non-standard ejector tool.

To pop open the SIM tray insert a paper clip or a SIM-eject tool into the hole beside the tray. If you cant activate your device then we recommend you to restore it via iTunes. I have been doing this once in a while and there is absolutely no.

Push in towards the iPhone but dont force it. Launch iTunes on your computer and then connect the iPhone via USB cables. If you do not have a SIM extraction tool you can use the end of an unfolded paper clip or bobby pin.

If youre having difficulty ejecting the SIM tray take your device to your carrier or an Apple Store for help. Find your model below to locate the SIM tray. Use the other curled end for leverage.

This is usually the easiest alternative SIM card tray eject tool to find. This article explains how to open an iPhone SIM card without an ejector tool. If you want to change the SIM card you must know how to remove it first.

Use Safety Pin to Eject SIM from iPhone without Tool. Unlock SIM You can now bypass carrier SIM lock on your device. To pop open the SIM tray insert a paper clip or a SIM-eject tool into the hole beside the tray.

A SIM card is a necessary addition in every phone including the iPhone 6. Insert your new SIM card and connect to WiFi or iTunes to activate your device. This video shows how can you open iPhone sim slot when you dont have the iPhone pin handy.

To reveal SIM tray unfold a paper clip and stick the straight side in ejector hole until tray slides out. Unlock iPhone 6S ATT and any other Carrier. Launch iTunes and connect your iPhone to your computer using the USB cable.

One thing is certain. Now you have an iPhone working with any mobile network. Did you just buy an iPhone 6S and is locked to ATT but youd want to use another sim card.

Theres no need to be worried about with Unlocky tool you can do an iPhone 6S sim unlock from ATT for free in no matter time. To bypass SIM lock press the Bypass button. Safety pins are in fact the best life hack tool for iPhone or any smartphone SIM ejection.

Heres how to do it. Unlock your iPhone 6S NOW. Simply remove the staple from any paper corner and bend one end open.

To do this on an unlocked device without the SIM card you need to update the device via iTunes. Needles would do the same job but they are pointy on both ends and you. Insert the SIM extraction tool in the hole of the SIM tray.

I always use the back of earrings to open SIM card slots as well as press the small reset holes in some technical devices. ITunes will detect your iPhone. You will need the sim card removal tool and a Nano-Sim card.

Hands down the best non-standard tool. Push in towards the iPhone but dont force it. If youre having difficulty ejecting the SIM tray take your device to your network provider or an Apple Store for help.

The push pins have long enough pin-space in front of them to replicate a SIM ejection tool. You will receive an email when your iPhone is unlocked. You have to be carefull not to bend them though.

This is one of the safest methods to remove SIM card from iPhone without a tool. If you cant take it back to an Apple Store or AUTHORIZED service center. Our tool can be used for any country or network provider in the world.

If it is locked to the network the message No SIM card detected will pop up. If not find a large paper clip unbend it and push it into the tray hole. As the software works it will reboot your handset and let you know about the successful carrier SIM unlock completion.

It takes quite a bit of force to force it out.

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