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Text Message Iphone Tricks

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Text message iphone tricks

Cell phones, IM, email and text messaging are all an integral part of daily life in today's society. For those who were born into this communication revolution, they expect instant contact with others and information. This is where texting and the iPhone come into play. The Apple iPhone offers unsurpassed accessibility, convenience, and technology, all rolled into one very portable package. Texting and the iPhone, it has never been easier to stay in touch.

Staying in contact is where the iPhone shines. It makes calling and keeping track of your contact lists a breeze. Applications such as Facebook make it possible to connect with your entire social network with just a few taps of the screen. We communicate faster and more efficiently than ever before and with your iPhone you can connect with just a touch or two of the screen. You can make a call, send pictures and texts to a friend, or perhaps send email or chat via IM. This is how you can stay in touch with your iPhone. Texting is a big part of that communication capability.

The Apple iPhone truly excels when it comes to its texting features. No other phone gives you the ease of use combined with constant connectivity. When texting, your iPhone flags a word that it thinks is misspelled. You can override this error flagging by telling your iPhone that this is a new word. To teach this new word to your iPhone, tap the screen 3 times to cancel the correction and the word will then become a part of your iPhone dictionary! The iPhone seeks out the typos that you make when you are texting someone and it fixes errors for you. This saves you a lot of time, because you don’t have to worry about going back and fixing them yourself. Texting and the iPhone have made staying in contact easier than ever.

A feature that the iPhone has that teenagers will like is the ability to send out a text message to more than one person at once. So when news that the hottest band around will be coming to town soon, your teenager can tell everyone they know about the news with just a few taps of the screen. Write a message, select a list of recipients and send to as many people as you have in your contact list! It is that simple.

Texting and the iPhone is more than just another way for teenagers to stay in contact with one another. You can send texts to let clients know of a change in plans or if you are caught in traffic. Send a quick text to see if your spouse needs you to pickup something on the way home. Text the groomer to let them know you are on your way to pick up Fido. Looking to buy a gift, text the person to find out if they have a certain DVD or book. This is how we can all live better using texting and the iPhone.

This little piece of technology combines form, fashion, and productivity into one device. The iPhone has become a status symbol, especially with young adults from their teens to their early thirties. If you are having trouble with texting and your iPhone there are many blogs and forums where you can get expert advice on what to do.

Text message iphone tricks. Spotlight - Puts a spotlight on your message. Keep Messages forever or not Heres the second of our 9 awesome iMessage tricks. Spotlight - Puts a spotlight on your message.

Send an iMessage as an SMS. HttpsgooglbG2KBz GEAR I USE. Confetti - Confetti rains down.

A feature that has gone widely unnoticed by iPhone users is the ability to send handwritten text messages. However you can still send normal messages between Mac and iPhone. Eco - Fills the screen with message bubbles.

To help your iPhone has three pre-written options Sorry I cant talk right now Im on my way and Can I call you later and of course the button that lets you type your own text. You can choose the storage length of your Message History by going Settings Messages Keep Messages. Share or hide your name and photo 3.

After youve typed out a message you can tap and hold the blue send button to attach any of the following. Tap Text message limit choose the maximum number of messages that can sit in a messaging thread before the olders ones get deleted then tap the Set button. This feature allows you to add a more personal touch to your text messages.

HttpsgooglXDvaQrSUB TO MY SECOND CHANNEL. Hide Read Receipts 4. You may not have known you can customize and overwrite the other three options.

Open the Messages app Tap on the message thread of the person you want to send a handwritten message to Turn your iPhone horizontal Press. You can also manually send any text with an effect by holding down on the blue send button after you type in your desired message. The iMessage on Mac does not support any kind of such effects as of now unfortunately.

Best iMessage tips and tricks for iPhone 1. Easy trick on iPhone Message to Clean Up Photos and Videos. Balloons - Balloons rise up from the bottom of your screen.

3 of 5. From here a Bubble menu will appear with options to send. IMessage gives users complete control over for how long their messages are stored on the device and iCloud.

As previously mentioned if you type pew pew into Messages colored laser beams will shoot out of your text message on both your screen and that of your recipient when they open the message. The good thing about it is that it is not particularly hard to access and useall you need to do is simply tilting your iOS device horizontally and tapping the handwriting icon at the bottom right corner of your keyboard. By this point weve all learned different tricks for making our text messages more emphatic but iPhone lets you go way beyond simply yelling in all caps.

Messaging someone happy new year will set off a firework display Other iMessage screen effects. Love - Large heart bulges from your message. The iMessage text effects are not just limited to text messages only.

Choose preferred email or number 2. Balloons - Balloons rise up from the bottom of your screen. Get Image Effects on iMessage.

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