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How To Unlock My Iphone 6s Without Passcode

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How to unlock my iphone 6s without passcode

Apple has done a great job telling the world about their iPhone. The advertising has worked and the iPhone is one of the hottest cell phones to own. For those interested in keeping up with the Jones' the iPhone is a must have item this year and probably next year too. The question is does the Apple iPhone live up to the hype. Is the iPhone really worth top dollar? What do the users say? Here are the top 5 reasons not to own an iPhone.

The first reason is the price. This is a very expensive cell phone. The average price for an iPhone is between $500 - $600. That is a lot of money for a phone. At this price it is really a luxury item as there are phones that offer similar features for a lot less money. For internet and email capabilities you can get a Blackberry or Motorola Q for a lot less than an iPhone. If you are looking for touch screens and music, there are hundreds of phones that will suit these requirements without having to shell out so much money. Although the iPhone's advertising is geared toward teens and young adults, does a teenager really need a $500 cell phone? This is the fist reason in our Top 5 reasons not to own an iPhone: Price.

Reason number two in the top 5 reasons not to own an iPhone, the battery. Did you know that you cannot replace the battery in your iPhone? If that battery dies, you are out of luck. Apple decided that soldering the battery to the unit was preferable to offering a proprietary battery or any standard cell phone battery. This way when your battery dies, and without a doubt it will in under two years, you have to get a new iPhone. Apparently many users did not realize this as Apple made no effort to make this common knowledge. Now they are in litigation over the battery issue. Therefore, if you are considering buying an iPhone be sure to get a warranty that covers the battery if you can. Otherwise you will be paying for another phone within 24 months which is the average life of a cell phone style battery.

Reason three: Internet access. Although the iPhone is touted as having amazing internet capabilities, there are many shortcomings to its browser. The browsers search capabilities are severely lacking. This makes finding what you want on the internet difficult and time consuming. The other feature the browser lacks is the ability to store passwords. This may have been done as a security measure as cell phones are not as secure as a laptop, PC or Mac. However, keeping track of a lot of passwords is difficult. Internet searching and browser issues is our third reason.

Reason four not to own an iPhone is memory. You can purchase a 6 GB, an 8 GB, or a 16 GB iPhone. When you use up all of your available space on the iPhone, you must delete or back off content to another device like your PC or Mac. Many iPhone proponents claim that this storage capacity removes the need for a separate MP3 player, such as an iPod, therefore saving you money. In reality, teens can download 16 GB of music and video in an amazingly short amount of time. This leaves no memory for other applications or photos. You will still need a separate MP3 player so there are no real savings to be had here. There is no ability to upgrade the memory via a memory card or flash drive. This is another area where the iPhone is lacking.

Finally, reason number five in our top 5 reasons not to own an iPhone is the service provider. You are limited to AT&T's cell phone service packages for the iPhone if you wish to use it. These packages are expensive as they all include data and internet. AT&T has no incentive to change their iPhone service pricing because they have exclusive rights to provide service to the iPhones. This has led to a great number of hacked iPhones on the market that can be used on other networks. As long as Apple and AT&T's agreement stays exclusive, you will have hackers.

Overall, the iPhone is an overpriced, over hyped, cell phone. These top 5 reasons not to own an iPhone are valid and you should consider this before you buy one.

How to unlock my iphone 6s without passcode. Drfone - Screen Unlock iOS enables you to unlock iPhone 6 without passcode without using the cumbersome iTunes. Option to Restore or Update will appear click on Restore. Using Siri to Bypass Locked Screen.

Real Methods to Unlock iPhone Passcode without Losing Data. IPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus use the Volume down button. Dont let go of the button.

Try to Backup without Unlocking Screen. But this software might not be the best that is available and it can be sometimes rigid for some users. Unlock iPhone without Home Button.

If Find My iPhone is enabled youll have to reset all settings first as the picture shows. While holding the circle button at the bottom of your iPhone display plug the other end of the charging cable into your iPhone as you normally would. On iPhone 6s or earlier devices.

Locate Accessibility in the General menu and click it. Unlock iPhone without Passcode via Find My iPhone. You can set up your iPhone when its finished restoring your iPhone.

This method involves changing the iPhone lock screen behavior so that you can unlock the iPhone without the home button. Click on Unlock Apple ID. Open settings and then tap General.

Its unlocking iPhone passcode after a while Unlock is Completed. If Find My iPhone has been disabled it will start resetting your iPhone 6. In the end it will show the progress of unlocking and when completed the passcode is removed effectively.

Itoolab Unlockgo Allows You To Bypass Phone Passcode And Gain Full Access To The Device. It will cost a few minutes to download iPSW package the tool will unpack iPhone data package automatically just wait a moment. Well it is no news that iTunes is the officially provided software by Apple that is meant to be used to unlock iPhone 6s as well.

Just in a few minutes your iPhone 6 will be reset successfully. The following steps should help you unlock iPhone without using the home button. IPhone SE 1st generation and iPhone 6s and earlier use the Home button.

Ad 1 click to unlock forgotten iPhone passcode without iTunes. Press and hold the Home and the Top or Side buttons at the same time until you see the recovery mode screen. Launch 4uKey on your computer and connect your iPhone to it using USB cable.

Unlock iPhone 66S without Passcode Now press the Start Unlock button to start cracking but you are unable to save your data. Press and hold the correct button for your iPhone while immediately connecting your iPhone to the computer. More than that drfone is the best toolbox software.

Possible Methods to Unlock iPhone Passcode without Losing Data. Ad 1 click to unlock forgotten iPhone passcode without iTunes. Process on how to unlock iPhone 6s without passcode.

Ad How To Get Into A Locked iOS Phone Without The Password Or Touch ID Face ID. 5 Continue holding the circle button as the iPhone turns on you will see an Apple Logo on the screen for about 10 seconds. FOLLOW TO SAVE A LIFETwitter.

WolfieRapsIf it doesnt get your friend to. Reset iPhone 66s without Apple ID. Ad How To Get Into A Locked iOS Phone Without The Password Or Touch ID Face ID.

Itoolab Unlockgo Allows You To Bypass Phone Passcode And Gain Full Access To The Device. Using iTunes If You Have iTunes Backup Using iCloud If You Have iCloud Backup Contact Apple Support If You Dont Have Backup Part 2. Once iPSW daa package unpacked click on Unlock Now to unlock iPhone without password.

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