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Unlock Iphone With Apple Watch Stopped Working

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Unlock With Apple Watch Not Working Here S How To Fix The Problem Macrumors

Unlock iphone with apple watch stopped working

How to unlock your iPhone. Can this be done? Yes, you can unlock your iPhone and use it on another network other than AT&T. This method first became public in August 2007. Both PC Magazine and MacWorld have published instructions on how to unlock your iPhone. Be sure that you are running the iPhone firmware that is 1.0.2 or earlier, do not upgrade your phone to 1.1.1 or later as this will relock your phone. Here is how to unlock your iPhone.

Step one – be sure you have your iPhone; the data cable and a great connection to WiFi access. Before you begin, cancel the iTunes helper that is running in the background on your PC or Mac. For the PC, bring up the task manager and in the process tab find the iTunes helper and click end process or kill process. On the Mac, go to the activity monitor and select the iTunes helper, then click on the Quit Process button.

Step two – go to the website and download the file, then unzip it to your PC or Mac desktop. Also, download and unzip to your desktop, www.widgx.or/ Once you have these files unzipped and available on your desktop, you are ready to begin unlocking your iPhone.

Step three – get iTunes version 7.4.12 from Install this on your computer. When we start the unlock process you may get a message to upgrade iTunes, ignore this message; do not upgrade.

Step four – if you are not unlocking your iPhone new and out of the box, then backup all of your content; music, videos, photos, applications, everything to your Mac or PC. If you leave it on the iPhone and do not back it up, you will lose all of your content forever.

Step five – put your iPhone into restore mode. To do this press and hold the following 2 buttons at the same time – the sleep/wake button and the home button. Continue holding these two buttons at the same time until you see a yellow warning triangle, then let go. Ignore all other icons and wait for the triangle. Ignore the Apple logo, which may appear several times. Once the triangle appears, let go of the buttons.

Step six – be sure that you have the firmware version 1.0.2 on your desktop. Then launch iTunes, you will see a message that iTunes detected your iPhone in restore mode. Press the shift key then press restore. This is very important that you press and hold the shift key before you click on restore. You will then get a message asking you what firmware you want to restore to. Choose 1.0.2 by double clicking on it. Then wait. This will take a little bit of time, your iPhone will go through several different cycles as it installs the firmware, leave everything finish and do not touch your computer or phone until this step completes. When this step completes, close iTunes.

Step seven – Open the folder that you downloaded earlier. Look for the AppTapp installer. Launch the AppTapp installer. When prompted for the firmware version choose version 1.0.2. Then click install. This will take some time as the program will be downloading and installing files to your computer. Make sure no other programs are running at this time. Your iPhone will cycle through a few times, let everything go. When it is done click on OK. The install bar may not go all the way to the end, but when your iPhone goes back to the world screen and the black screen closes on your computer, you are done.

Step eight - Go to the folders that you downloaded earlier, and look in the backup folder for a file that says point and click here for activation. Then click on the file that says CLICK HERE. A message will ask you if you are ready, just hit any key to continue. Once this is done, turn the phone off, then on again. Now you are ready to insert the SIM of your choice into your iPhone.

Step nine -Turn off your phone. Using a paper clip, unfold it. Then insert it into the hole located next to the headphone jack. This opens up the SIM holder. Remove and replace the SIM with whatever SIM you prefer. Turn on your iPhone and that's it. This is how to unlock your iPhone.

Unlock iphone with apple watch stopped working. General Apple ID. The first time you unlock with mask and Apple Watch it asks you for your iPhone password and will continue to work until you reboot your phone or watch. If you choose to lock your phone via the Apple Watch the next time you go to unlock your iPhone it will ask for your passcode regardless of mask or not.

But now it has stopped working due to a bug in iOS 147. After your Apple Watch finishes. Ive tried resetting passwords resetting all network settings resetting the Apple Watch restoring from backup and starting as new changing both passwords to the same thing toggling other settings etc.

I enter the password and successfully log in. The screen displays Unlocking with Apple Watch for a few seconds as though its trying to communicate with the watch. If your Apple Watch.

On your iPhone open the Watch app then tap Passcode. On Apple Watch theres an option in watchOS that lets your iPhone unlock your watch as long as the iPhone is unlocked Settings - Passcode - Unlock With iPhone. Check that your Apple Watch is using a passcode.

When they went to turn the feature back on they received an error that the watch was unable to communicate with the iPhone. Scroll down to Unlock with Apple Watch then turn on the feature next to your watchs name. The watch is unlocked.

On your Apple Watch press and hold the long flat button next to the Digital Crown then swipe Power Off. Press and hold both the side button and Digital Crown for at least 10 seconds or until you see the Apple logo. Try a different Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable or USB-C Magnetic Fast Charging Cable and a different USB Power Adapter.

The chargers magnets align your Apple Watch and you should see a green lightning bolt on the watch face. Re-pairing your Apple Watch is a huge pain but if something has gone wrong with the connection between your iPhone and Apple Watch secure information wont be transmitted properly and that will stop auto-unlock dead. If the option is presently enabled try turning off Unlock with iPhone.

If you keep Unlock With Apple Watch enabled you have to get the numeric keypad to appear on the watch and then wake the phone swipe up to unlock and the watch will unlock. If your Apple Watch still wont charge force it to restart. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

Launch the Watch app on your iPhone. Im having exactly the same issue. Tap on the Info button on the right.

Looks like an i Tap on Unpair Apple Watch. In fact I ran the test with the watch being locked and the computer displays the message that the watch needs to be unlocked. Then it quits trying to unlock with the Apple Watch and displays the password field to enter the password.

If your watch doesnt have wrist detection enabled youre asked to turn it on. It may help to sign out and sign back in to iCloud on your Mac. An issue in iOS 147 affects the ability of iPhone models with Touch ID to unlock Apple Watch Apple notes.

Tap on the My Watch tab at the bottom. On your Mac go to the Apple menu and choose Restart. This is on my Face ID iPhone 12 Pro Max.

On your iPhone open the Watch app then go to. When enabled this feature lets Apple Watch automatically unlock as soon as you unlock your iPhone. Tap Face ID Passcode then type your passcode.

IPhone 13 owners who attempted to use the Unlock with Apple Watch feature that would authenticate your iPhone with your Apple Watch when wearing a mask noticed it stopped working. Tap on Names Apple Watch at the top.

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How To Fix Unlock With Apple Watch Not Working

Unlock With Apple Watch Not Working Here S How To Fix The Problem Macrumors

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